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Come with me on a journey of words and concepts, containers, as it were, which attempt to describe realities in which we are immersed, but that we struggle to grasp. So we must tread softly as we review The Story.




It is with caution, quietness, inquiry, and growing carefulness, that we venture on the path, to open the books, and ponder their content at its deepest level. In another time and another place, people would cover their heads, and remove their shoes. For there is One who will meet with us here, if we so desire, in a sacred encounter. Without Him, the journey has no meaning, for all of the words and concepts that we desire to consider center in a Person. We dare not become enamored merely with ideas. Perhaps we can still learn of Him, and live in humility and reverence with Him. We will then see that The Story, as with all stories rightly understood, is His Story.




Because of the wonders of technology, you may take the journey in two different ways.




First is the path of The Story with extensive endnotes. On this trip, you will find pointers along the way to references in the Sacred Writings. From these places I have drawn the elements of The Story.




Second is the journey of The Story with the available side paths to related studies. These diversions explore in more detail the topics being considered. In some localities you will find a cluster of trails, for I have spent much time in these areas, exploring and attempting to make the "rough places plain."




Perhaps you have already taken The Story's journey with me, or do not have time at present, and wish to go directly to investigate a side path. If so, you may go immediately an alphabetical list of online files on this site. You may also want to view the history of this site. But please be aware that The Story is the overarching reason for this web site, and that essential for grasping what each study and note means, is understanding its setting in The Story.




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Space and Time, "Heaven” & “Eternity” (4 April 2014): word study from 1892-1913, regarding Truths, Principles; first use: "reaching into heaven and compassing eternity" (23 November 1892); noted by Ron Duffield in Wounded in the House of His Friends (2014), p. 103.







In our postmodern world, metanarratives are still valid!




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