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Updated 29 March 2011


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M. L. Andreasen


M. L. Andresen's Testimony about Ellen White

(personal information regarding his learning to love literature, and finding balance in health reform; much regarding his 3-month visit in her home at Elmshaven, Napa Valley, California, in 1910, checking out multiple questions about her writings; strong endorsement of Ellen White's ministry as messenger of God, and of her congenial human side as a mother in Israel and follower of Jesus)


Frank Fournier - Series on the Prodigal Son


Study #



Prodigal Son #1 49:32


Prodigal Son #2 45:01


Prodigal Son #3 43:23


Prodigal Son #4 41:03


Prodigal Son #5 41:44


Prodigal Son #6 40:27


Prodigal Son #7 40:06


Prodigal Son #8 34:59


Prodigal Son #9 49:01



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