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First-time Guests Please Note: 

Being a Seventh-day Adventist, I am sharing files that are from that perspective on Scripture and on history. (Please see information on "The Story" on the home page.) I trust that you will see as I have "the things concerning" Jesus in all of these. As His disciples at His first coming needed His instruction, so we do now as we near His second coming. May He "expound unto us in all the scriptures" as He did to those He met with many years ago:

And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, He expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself. ... And He said unto them, "These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning Me." Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures. (Luke 24:27,44,45)



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18 July 2014

New links to my new web site

On the home page, site info page, and files page

New link to file "Space and Time--'Heaven' & 'Eternity'" on Home and Files pages

This is on my new web site; added a link here as Ron Duffield's footnote #41 on p. 103 of his 2014 book Wounded in the House of His Friends points to this site as the location of this word study.


31 January 2012

New Files added to "List of Fred Bischoff's Files" Page

Added .htm files to the existing "The Faith of Jesus" Series, linked to the title, to bring up PowerPoint slides within the web browsers (for those who don't have a PowerPoint program to open the linked .ppt files)

Added "Timeline for Events Relating to Minneapolis and 1888" which is a working document of significant events in SDA history related to 1888

Revised Pages

"The Story" (with Side Paths): a link to the above timeline under "Last Messages"


20 October 2011

New Files added to "List of Fred Bischoff's Files" Page

Added 20 files that are summaries of chapters in Ron Duffield's book, The Return of the Latter Rain.


1 October 2011

New File added to "List of Fred Bischoff's Files" Page

Added 4-part series of talks given at the OCI Leadership Retreat at Herghelia, Romania, in May 2011, "'Together Unbroken'--Lessons from SDA History" (PDF, Movie, Audio).

Revised Pages

"The Story" (with Side Paths): a link to the above talks under "Last Messages"

Added Google Analytics code to these .htm files:  index, fredfiles, TheStoryNotes, TheStoryPaths, Lehman, LehmanAndOthers, LehmanTalks, OtherTalks


29 March 2011

New File added to Other Sermons, Talks, and Studies

Added M. L. Andreasen's personal testimony that recalls his visit to Elmshaven for 3 months in 1910.


24 January 2011

Revised Page

Sermons by Pastor Lehman: revised note regarding defective #26 in his Christ Our Righteousness series

Revised File

The God-Man (sermon #26 by Pastor Lehman in his Christ Our Righteousness series) replaced, as previous was defective.


18 January 2011

New Files added to "List of Fred Bischoff's Files" Page

1. "Family Tree of Seventh-day Adventist Landmarks" PDF

2. "Flow of Landmarks in Advent History" PDF


15 January 2011

New Pages

1. "Sermons, Talks, and Studies That Have Blessed Me" (main page through which to access talks by others that I have on my site)

2. "Other Sermons, Talks, and Studies That Have Blessed Me" (page through which to access talks other than Pastor Lehman that I have on my site), listing and linking to Frank Fournier's 9-part series entitled "Prodigal Son."

Revised Pages

1. Home Page: changed name of link to Pastor Lehman's sermons to the new page giving links to his page and to the page listing others, entitled "Sermons, Talks, and Studies That Have Blessed Me."

2. Fred Bischoff Files: added link to for the video files that are being uploaded.


7 November 2010

Revised Pages

Relocated the four talks under the "Let It Rain" series from July 2010, so they appear together, rather than under the alphabetical order of their individual titles.


6 November 2010

Revised Pages

Added 4 major titles with accompanying files to Fred's Files page:

1. "Grace that is Given" (1 PDF and an MP3 audio file)--this is a Sabbath School program I recorded at the Korean English Sabbath School on September 18.

2. "William Miller's Poem 1845 and others Related His Dream 1847; Overview of the Advent Movement" (3 PDFs and an MP3 audio file)--this is a Sunday-night study group recording from September 19.

3. "The Great Controversy, Chapter 24, 'In the Holy of Holies'" (1 PDF, and 2 MP3 audio files)--this two Sunday-night study group recordings; this study is still in progress

4. "Ellen White and the Antitypical Day of Atonement" (2 PDF's, a MOV movie file, and an MP3 audio), with a link to the research paper from which these are taken; this is a presentation at the "Remembering October 22" meeting at the University Mobile Home Club House on October 23

Minor editing of introduction above on this page.

Added links on The Story with Links to Side Paths page

Edited Contact

Added a Skype contact button for me at the bottom of my Home page, this Site Information page, and of the Fred's Files page.


12 September 2010

Revised Pages

Audio for Part 3 in William Miller's Dream was added today.


29 August 2010

Revised Pages

Audio for Part 2 in William Miller's Dream was added today.


20 August 2010

Revised Pages

Today I added the four-part series on the Holy Spirit and the Latter Rain--PDF handouts, and audio. This was presented at the Light Bearer Ministry Convocation July 2010, where the theme was "Let it Rain." The book I mentioned in Part 4 that has been narrated and posted on the web ( is The Great Second Advent Movement. [Audio, courtesy of Light Bearers Ministry:]


17 August 2010


Somehow I squeezed in time to post some most important items from the past, and a new series beginning.

Revised Pages

1. Today I added the five-part series on the Faith of Jesus--PDF handouts, PowerPoint, and audio. This was presented in Johannesburg, South Africa, January 2007! This may be the most important series I have done. Can we see the value of the gold?

2. And I just have gone through William Miller's dream of November 1847, and decided to record the review, which has just begun, of this document we are doing in our Sunday evening study group. So you will find an online version (HTM) of the document, a PDF file of it, and the first audio that begins the review of this amazing dream. It was Ty Gibson's referencing this dream at the Light Bearers Convocation this summer that stimulated me to dig into it more deeply. I knew James White has written a pamphlet interpreting the dream, and that Ellen White had made reference to it, but I had not seen the significance of the dream to the early history of Adventism, particularly in relation to the transition from Miller's leadership into the "scattered flock" which eventually developed into the Seventh-day Adventist church. See if you can understand why God gave William Miller this dream!

3. I made some new references in the Side Paths under that version of "The Story" that link to the above files.


15 May 2010

Again, What Can I Say?

If I had to apologize in March of 2007 for no postings in 8 months, I'm not sure what to do here two years and six months since my last update. Much has been produced in the interim, but it continues to be a challenge getting things up on this page. There are additional web sites I have become involved with, which I plan to link to at some point. Stay tuned.

Revised Pages

Today I added Pastor Lehman's personal testimony that I listened to for the first time this past week, having been pointed to it by Jim Miller. Sometimes those you share with in turn share with you! I had distributed a data DVD of Pastor Lehman's sermons to friends at the Norwalk CA SDA Church, and they obviously have listened to more than I have! You will be blessed by this testimony. I would recommend your listening to it to get an excellent introduction to his approach to the entire area of Christ Our Righteousness.


24 November 2007

Revised Pages

Updated my photo on this page.

Updated the pages relating to Pastor Lehman, adding to the "Information about Pastor Bill Lehman and His Sermons" page the list of the most recent collection I have received of his MP3 files (not posted yet on the web; stay tuned!). There has been a lot of recent interest in his sermons.

Replaced a defective audio file of Pastor Lehman, #13 of the Christ Our Righteousness series that a visitor noted was truncated.


28 March 2007

What Can I Say?

My apologies for not getting anything posted the last 8 months. It is so much easier to produce material and present it, than to get it posted to my web site! Perhaps I should develop less and post more. I am looking for a way to make the postings easier and more efficient. I have many items to share. Keep checking.

Revised Pages

Changed the page on which I have posted Pastor Lehman's sermons, with some editing, and an added section entitled "Why I Put Pastor Lehman's Sermons on My Web Site" explaining the background for my interest in the sermons, a comment from a friend who was blessed by them, and links to web sites where the book of the sermon transcripts Christ Our Righteousness can be ordered.


4 July 2006

Wow! Time Flies

It's hard to believe it been almost 6 months since working on my site (12 months since entering a Quick Note--apparently they are not quick enough!). I have been quite buried on a CD-ROM production project (see It will be worth the effort.... But no work on the site does not equal no new material. Studies, presentations, and cogitations have continued, as you will see below, and hopefully in the not-too-distant-future. There will be a lot of late Quick Notes and at least 19 studies that have collected over these months. But for now I am posting the oldest study and several of the most important recent ones.

Revised Pages

1. Changed title of Index page from "Fred Bischoff's Files" (which was the old name for my web site, but now is only the name for my "List of My Files" page) to "Fred Bischoff's Web Site".

2. Added a note to The Story with Side Paths page before the Side Paths advising users that the side paths do not link to all the files on that theme, and how to locate all the related files. Revised the side paths that link to the new studies below. Did other minor editing of this page.

3. Changed PDF file on "Thoughts on Dramatic Presentations" so the header does not alternate format between even and odd pages. Also added tags to it (facilitates viewing on hand-held devices); made file go from 428K to 700K. My goal is to tag all PDF files in the future, and gradually get existing ones tagged.

New Studies (marked New!):

1. "Brief Table of Bible History and Prophecy" (pdf only), which I developed to give an overview for the devotions at the Spring Break Ski Trip (March 26-30) with the Loma Linda Korean group at Mammoth Mountain, California. The other papers referenced by this overview are "Kingdom Overview" (see below), "Daniel's 4 Overviews" (not yet posted) "Judgment in Daniel 7 - The 'till' Event" (already posted), and "Transition to God's Kingdom As Described in Daniel and Revelation" (not yet posted). It was a chance to pull together quite a few things I have been looking at lately. There is a lot on this one sheet. (One fellow said it looked like the Kreb Cycle!) Don't let it intimidate you. One of the following is recommended, however, for ease of use:  a tabloid printer, very young eyes, near-sighted eyes, or a magnifying glass!

2. "Kingdom Overview" (htm, pdf), developed to condense for my Sunday-evening study group on a two-page, two-column summary, the fundamental principles that comprise Lucifer's "new kingdom" (seen on earth as kingdoms of this world) that falls, in contrast to God's kingdom which stands forever.

3. "Lord of our Service" (htm, pdf, mp3), a Sabbath School lesson from September 17, 2005, at the Loma Linda Korean SDA Church, considering our "Prime Minister" who shows us what is alone true greatness in contrast to attempted greatness; download the handout and print it out, then download the audio file, listen, and fill in the blanks!

4. "Preview of The Gospel, 1844, and Judgment" (htm, pdf, mp3), ), a Sabbath School lesson from July 1, 2006, at the Loma Linda Korean SDA Church, previewing the key concepts from the new Quarter's lessons, referencing the "Kingdom Overview" and an adapted edition of "Brief Table of Bible History and Prophecy" which has the related portions of the table marked which correlate with all of the 14 lessons for the Quarter

5. "'To Will and to Do of His Good Pleasure'" (htm, pdf), a study begun after noting that the DA466 quote on June 9's Sabbath School lesson seemed to fit Rom. 7 & 8, and on more reflection realizing that Rom. 5 to 8 covers four levels of freedom from sin and its effects, beautifully summarized by DA466 and DA388, and tightly expressed by the promise that God works in us "to will and to do of His good pleasure" (Phil. 2:13). Don't thwart Him in His work. Stand in awe of the magnificence and wisdom of His plan, His step-by-step liberation! Believe the good news:  act on it, and celebrate! My freedom gift to you today on this American Independence Day!


26 November 2005

Revised Page

Minor layout and editing to Welcome page.


22 November 2005

Revised Pages

1. Revised page "Sermons by Pastor J. W. 'Bill' Lehman" to give a list of all 51 sermons in MP3 format at present; to make note of problem with talk #26; and to reference the existence of a book of the 32 "Christ Our Righteousness" sermons in transcript form.

2. Revised page "Information about Pastor J. W. 'Bill' Lehman and His Sermons" with the updated version of this working file.


27 October 2005

Revised Page

Revised my "Fred Bischoff's Files" page:  the link to the PDF file of "God's Reckoning" pointed to the wrong file; this has been corrected.


13 October 2005

Revised and Added Pages

1. Added link to Home page to page listing Pastor J. W. "Bill" Lehman's sermons.

2. Added a new page giving access to information about Pastor Lehman and access to his sermons. He was my pastor at the Loma Linda Campus Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church when I first arrived in California in 1976. His ministry was very fruitful. His sermons and outlines have been valued by those who heard him. Stan Nelson, from whom I bought my current house in Loma Linda, has preserved the entire collection. In recent years as a new generation has discovered the power of these sermons, these tapes have been copied and digitization begun. Various web sites have made a few of his sermons available. August 27 I was given from Ralph Clark (LLUSM '07) an MP3 CD of 51 of his sermons. Before I have even finished listening to the 32 series on Christ Our Righteousness I was impressed to begin sharing these, and people want more! Particularly, the talk "Path to the Heart" speaks to the importance of Medical Ministry, why Christ did it, and why it is essential for the last message of mercy to this world. I desired to have this talk available this coming weekend for attendees at the First Annual AMEN (Adventist Medical Evangelism Network) Conference in San Diego. Thus this page is put up today.


26 August 2005

New Studies:

1. " Meditations on Rev. 14:12" (htm, pdf), a brief essay on a key verse in Revelation; written January 2000 upon reflecting on Dr. Walter Veith's presentations at the Azure Hills SDA Church in Grand Terrace, California. In the 1880's we were told that we were presenting the law but not the gospel (the commandments of God but not the faith of Jesus). To describe what is right or wrong without developing how God brings us into the right is not a complete message. Teaching people to identify Babylon does not in itself prepare them to stand against Babylon. The law and the gospel must "go hand in hand." Multiple experiences since have illustrated how we tend to present one or the other, but not consistently both. The last illustration of this was Brian Neumann's meetings last weekend at Loma Linda Advent Hope. (activated link at The Story's side path on Identity at the End)

2. "Lord of Our Resources" (htm, pdf, mp3), a Sabbath School lesson from August 20, 2005, at the Loma Linda Korean SDA Church; looking at God's ownership of all, and the signs given by Him for us to acknowledge that. The study handout includes a few paragraphs from "The Foundations and the Sabbath."


20 August 2005

New Studies (marked New!):

1. "The Foundations and the Sabbath" (htm, pdf), a study dating at least back to 1998, with some roots going back to 1987; my initial burden was the strong impression to show how the seven basic life principles of the Institute for Basic Life Principles are correlated with the seventh-day Sabbath (and no other day of the week); later I was impressed to weave the gospel and the foundation principles into it, so began with the Doctrine of Christ, and then showed the connection between the other foundation concepts from Heb. 6:1, 2 and the positions of Christ outlined in Phil. 2:6-10; this is a study with major implications! (activated link at The Story's side path on Foundations for Recovery)

2. "Tried and Crucified" (htm, pdf, mp3), a Sabbath School lesson from June 18, 2005, at the Loma Linda Korean SDA Church; tracing some key elements of this sacred history through the chronology given in the gospels

3. "The Mystery of the Incarnation" (htm, pdf, PowerPoint, mp3), a study on the incarnation of Christ (the Son of God coming in human flesh) as the mystery of godliness revealed, and in contrast to the mystery of iniquity; given at the 1888 National Conference at the St. Louis Central SDA Church July 14, 2005; there are about 20 slides I did not have time to cover in the talk (added link at The Story's side path on Identification)

4. "Lord of Our Desires" (htm, pdf, mp3), a Sabbath School lesson from July 23, 2005, at the Loma Linda Korean SDA Church; examining the three desires Eve fell for, and Christ victory over them; focusing on the need to desire what God desires

5. "Seeing What God Sees" (htm, pdf, mp3), a sermon given at the Valley Center, California, SDA Church July 30, 2005, sharing my latest thoughts on the neglected landmark of the faith of Jesus, as it reveals to us the faith of God, how He views things (separate from His foreknowledge) that He hopes for (added link at The Story's side path on Gold)


11 May 2005

Revised Pages:

1. On my Home page, added revision dates for each of the other main pages, so one can see at this portal what has been recently changed. You will need to come here, or look for the New! flag on the changed pages, to see what the actual changes are.

2. In "The Story" with Endnotes, added link to Home page and the web address in the header position; corrected all of the apostrophes in the notes that did not convert properly to HTML.

3. In "The Story" with Side paths, added link to Home page and the web address in the header position

4. On my Files page, fixed the dead links to the files; thanks, Dan, for pointing this out!

5. On my Quick Notes page, added new entries for May 6-10. Also corrected apostrophes that did not convert properly to HTML.


6 May 2005

New Studies:

1. "The Cross of Christ in Prophecy" (mp3), a sermon given at Soulsbyville, California, Emmanuel SDA Church on 26 February 2005.

2. "Messages, Landmarks, Ministries" Parts 1 & 2 (mp3 x2), two studies given in an informal setting at Mammoth Lakes, California, 22 and 23 March 2005.

3. "Reflections on the Sanctuary and the Day of Atonement" (htm, pdf, mp3), a study given at the Sonora, California, SDA Church on 25 February 2005, the closing part of a 7-part series by Larry and Debbie Puffer.

4. "Threads from the Past" (mp3), a Sabbath School talk given at the Yucaipa, California, SDA Church on 19 March 2005 (a short version of #2 above).

5. "Brief Timeline 1831-1910" (pdf), the timeline I covered in studies #2 and #4 above.

Revised Pages:

1. On my Files page, changed format of tables; added time on audio files; added number of slides on slide files; reprinted some PDF printouts of slides to smaller font to reduce number of pages; other editing to make descriptions consistent; added links to PowerPoint Viewer downloads

2. On The Story with Side Paths page, added links in the Last Messages and Day of Atonement side paths to new files listed above

3. On my Quick Notes page, added new entries for May 3-5, marked New!


30 April 2005

It's been 5 months, but I have been busy with major revisions!

New Pages:

1. Added an introductory page as my new Home Page.

2. Added two versions of "The Story" (a brief overview of Bible history to give the setting for the studies in the files), one version with End Notes that give connections to Scripture, and the other version with Side Paths that connect to related files.

3. Added a Quick Notes page on which I have short notes about topics that have impressed me from time to time, from Bible study, from talks I've heard, from current events, etc. I began these March 12, so have quite a few already entered. I plan to update this page quite frequently. I do not plan to document on this Site Information page each entry made in the future to my Quick Notes page.

Revised Pages:

1. List of Files Page:  Moved the date of the files to the first column. Added links to the third column that can take one to the related Side Paths of The Story, if one wants to check the setting(s) of that file in The Story. Added a revised navigation table.

2. Gave a more complete list of future planned file additions on this Site Information page (see Upcoming Plans), based on references in the Side Paths. Added a revised navigation table.

New Studies (Including Audio!):

1. Added two talks given March 12 and 13 at the 1888 Western Regional Conference at the Loma Linda Korean SDA Church, "The Cross and the Everlasting Kingdom in Daniel" and "The Cross and the Mystery of God in Revelation." (htm, pdf, mp3)

2. Added brief collection of thoughts and quotes on making Christ the center of our interpretations of prophecy, put together in response to my sister's asking how to handle some satellite prophecy sermons with Christians who believe differently than she; entitled "Some Basic Keys to Understand the Prophecies in Scripture." (htm, pdf)


25 November 2004

1. Added a compiled outline of the 8 presentations I gave at Herghelia in Romania, August 28 to September 4, 2004. As the PowerPoint presentations were all text, I think the best way to get the information up on the web is to make the outline available rather that the slides.

2. Added another short paper on Daniel 7, done for a Sabbath School class presentation last Sabbath, November 20, looking at the topic of "judgment" in that chapter. This is my best attempt yet to outline the chapter, paralleling the 4 main times the vision is described in the chapter. The internal consistency of topics and their sequence will be evident, with judgment mentioned explicitly in 3 of the descriptions. Consider especially the section at the end dealing with connections to this topic outside of Daniel 7. Many of these connections were new to me, especially the fact that Daniel 5 shows all 3 phases of judgment (investigation/history, verdict/sentencing, and execution), that Matthew 23 and Acts 7 reveals some of these same elements at the end of the 490 years, and that the 3 angels' messages along with the Rev. 18 message also cover the same ground of judgment.

3. Did some minor editing to the layout of this index page.

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18 November 2004

Much has transpired in the last six months! On this update I:

1. Added study "Kingdom, Judgment, Comings:  Where are We? (Culmination of World History in Light of Daniel 7)" dated 29 June 2004 (htm and pdf). This outline I developed for the Sunday evening study group as we were going through Daniel, as well as shared at the July 1888 meetings in Keene, Texas. The paper was built on a realization that the fourth kingdom lasts in some form until Christ's coming, (which A. T. Jones had alerted me to), as well as the significance of the three comings of Christ to earth, with their judgments on the fourth kingdom and their relation to God's kingdom being set up. Embedded clearly is the Advent Movement and the point at which we find ourselves today.

2. Added essay "Thoughts on Praying for the Latter Rain and Revival" dated 17 August 2004 (htm and pdf). This was occasioned by hearing at the ASI Convention that this fall there would be a revival planned, and discussing my concerns with Gary Gibbs. He referred me to Alan Parker, with whom I briefly stated my views, promising to write it up for him. What are the dangers in praying for the Holy Spirit and revival? Since the Spirit is our greatest need, what can we learn from the disciples' Pentecost experience?

3. Added paper "'Faith' in Romans 3-5" dated 7 October 2004 (htm and pdf). As I was reading a paper shared with me by A. Leroy Moore on Romans 5, I was impressed anew and yet more deeply for the need to understand the faith of God as seen in the faith of Jesus, as an essential paradigm of the foundation of the gospel that Paul unfolds in Romans. I was impressed to write this paraphrase of Romans chapters 3 through 5, stating this theme explicitly and repeatedly to highlight what I see Paul writing. This theme must be seen in the light of Rev. 14:12 and the Advent Movement. This connection is developed at some length in the appendices of the compilation of the Armadale sermons by W. W. Prescott.

4. Added sermon outline "Thy Kingdom Come" dated 6 November 2004 (htm and pdf). This sermon I gave at the Immanuel Seventh-day Adventist Church in Soulsbyville, California, near Sonora. It puts in simple question-and-answer form the development of the theme of how God's kingdom comes, why it lasts forever, and why the Advent Movement has been raised up. Are the events before Christ's coming more mysterious than His actual arrival in the skies? What does it mean to be Adventist? Look especially at question 6!

5. Revised this index page, mainly the first part, trying to make it more personal, including my picture (dated 18 May 2003), a linked "table of contents" list, and an "Upcoming" section, referring to "The Story" which I am working on, and plans for other files.

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14 May 2004

1. Added outline "An Overview of Revelation, In the Context of the Sanctuary" dated 7 September 1989 (htm and pdf).

2. Added thought paper "A Call for Repentance, Reflection on the September 11 Tragedy" dated 24 December 2001 (initial draft 22 September 2001) (htm and pdf). With this paper I also posted George Washington's "Farewell Address" (as it is mentioned in "A Call") dated 19 September 1797 (htm and pdf).


7 May 2004

1. Added study "The Questions of Romans" dated 15 March 1997 (htm and pdf). This paper was the impetus for a study group on Romans which spanned 3 years.

2. Updated PDF file of study "The Cleansing from Self-Gadal" so page number was fully visible in footer

3. Added number of pages to descriptions of studies on download page


27 April 2004


1. Added "History of this site" on Home page

2. Added study "God's Reckoning" dated 8 May 1995 (htm and pdf). This 9-year old paper seems still very pertinent as we attempt to understand how God imputes. This action of God, to which we are all called, is at the core of salvation, being a function of God's faith on behalf of mankind, seen in the faith of Jesus.

3. Made some more revisions to formatting on the download page.


22 April 2004

1. Added the slide presentation "The New Covenant and the Third Angel's Message" dated 22 April 2004 (htm, pdf, and ppt). This is a slightly edited version of the two presentations I made this past weekend at the Valley Center CA church. I also included in one PDF file the two handouts I used during the meetings. The New Covenant is more pervasive than we thought!

2. Reformatted the download page, adding a section of files on other sites, and linking the PDF issues of Lest We Forget periodical (Vol. 11, No. 1-4) published by the Adventist Pioneer Library that were the outcome of the study online entitled "Need to Retell and Reprint." (See 04 April 2003 entry below.)


07 February 2004

1. Added the study "Thoughts on Dramatic Presentations" dated 22 May 1999 (htm and pdf). As the interest builds in Mel Gibson's soon-to-be-released film, "The Passion of the Christ," I felt this study whose first edition dated back to the late 1980's was newly and increasingly pertinent. As its introduction notes, it is part of my life's journal. Gibson's film theatrical "The Passion of the Christ" further illustrates what is covered here.

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05 January 2004

1. Added the slide presentation "Who Shall Be Able to Stand?" dated 05 January 2004 (htm, pdf, and ppt). This was the final version of the talks I gave at Meadow Vista CA church December 27 & 28, 2003. It is a further development of Malachi 3.


22 November 2003

1. Added the file "October 22, 1844:  The Time of Preparation Begins" dated 26 October 2003 (htm and pdf). This a brief outline of a slide presentation I gave by the same title on October 25, 2003, the day the Old Fire began in the San Bernardino mountains. I wondered about the significance of that event, as a key component of this study on Malachi 3 is considering the Refiner's fire that prepares a people for the events surrounding Christ's second coming.


25 July 2003

1. Added the slide presentation "'Stand By the Old Landmarks'" dated 25 July 2003 (htm, pdf, and ppt). The outline PDF file is actually dated 02 July 2003. I put this together earlier in the summer as I attempted to explain visually how the seven SDA landmark Bible doctrines came together historically, and how the Faith of Jesus keep eluding us. This was presented at three churches in June and July, Brevard and Mills River NC, and Elmshaven CA. Be careful on downloading the ppt (PowerPoint) file, as it is 18 MB (as in megabytes)!


24 April 2003

1. Posted revised versions of paper "Need to Retell and Reprint" dated 24 April 2003 (htm and pdf).


06 April 2003

1. Posted revised versions of paper "Need to Retell and Reprint" dated 06 April 2003 (htm and pdf).

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04 April 2003

1. Revised download page into a table format

2. Added paper "Need to Retell and Reprint" dated 04 April 2003 (htm and pdf). This study is subtitled "The Integrity of the Sanctuary Truth and Other Landmarks, A Group of Ellen G. White Statements Made in 1903-1908." This collection with its historical introduction came together as I was preparing material for the periodical Lest We Forget published by the Adventist Pioneer Library (see, and was encountering more attacks on the SDA Bible sanctuary landmark doctrine. The statements from 100 years ago are compelling in their seriousness, and clearly speak to us today.


22 March 2003

1. Posted revised versions of first study "The Cleansing from Self-Gadal" dated 22 March 2003 (htm and pdf).


22 January 2003

1. Added web version of first study "The Cleansing from Gadal" dated 29 October 2002 (htm).


30 October 2002

1. Began site with simple page to download PDF files.

2. Posted first study "The Cleansing from Gadal" dated 29 October 2002 (pdf). In this paper I pulled together several threads of study and thought that had impressed me recently, here centered on the prophecy in Daniel 8 and 9. In spontaneous occasions the past four months I had shared the essential overview with at least four groups, each time feeling the power of the line of truth. Specifically, this connected the insights on "the daily" with the validity of seeing Daniel 8 applying to 1844, which is coming under more and more attack.

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Upcoming Plans


If you have visited the side paths to The Story, you already know that there are plans for files on:

Babylon's Fall (What can we learn from Zedekiah, Belshazzar, and Caiaphas about the Second Angel's message?)

Foundations from Genesis and Hebrews (What are Wisdom's seven pillars before and after sin?)

Genuine (Did you know a counterfeit always occurs when the genuine Holy Spirit is poured out?)

Godhead (What has been revealed to us about God, and what has not?)

Heaven's Currency (How does the universe do business?)

How God's Gifts of Identity and Memory Anchor the Believer (How do we know who we are?)

In Christ (What does this frequently-used phrase of Paul teach us of salvation?)

Let God Be True (Can my unbelief show God to be unfaithful?)

Mankind's Need, God's Provision (What did Christ do about Adam's failure?)

Missing the Coming (Have we missed the coming like the Jews in Christ's day did?)

Parallels (How does the experience of those called to announce Christ coming compare and contrast with His first disciples?)

Reflections on the Law and the Gospel (Can the integrity of the law and gospel be plainly diagramed based on Bible concepts?)

Seven Dimensions of Grace (Can something as perfect and complete as God's grace be in vain?)

Sola Fide (How can this powerful discovery of the 16th century Reformation be cleansed of any hint of dualism?)

The Faith of God—Never Without Effect (What evidence do we have that Rom. 3:3, 4 is true?)

The Healing of a Depressed and Crippled Man (Can you see yourself in this Romans 7 parable?)

The Past Message and the Fresh Message; Why Study the 1888 Message (What place did the message sent in the late 1880's and 1890s have in God's last messages to the world?)

The Two Covenants in Two Dimensions (What are the two drastically different ways in which the Old Covenant is old?)

Thoughts on Materialism, Spiritualism, Pantheism, and Realism (Can we avoid the dangerous infiltration of pagan and dualistic philosophies into the thought patterns of the Bible?)

Universal (How extensive is the universal, corporate dimension of salvation according to Scripture?)

What Was the 1888 Message? (What can we learn from an eyewitness who saw what others did not?)

Who Shall Be Able to Stand? (What is the work outlined in Malachi that prepares people for the fire?)

Wrath in the Context of Law:  A Suggested Overview (How can we understand the wrath of God in the Third Angel's message without seeing clearly what happened at the cross?)




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